Sale of fresh fruits and veggies

Staying or living in Umbria is not only a feast for the body and soul, but also for your palate! And what better than to eat local, seasonal fruits and vegetables, raised organically. We deliver the fresh produce to your doorstep or you can harvest your own fruits and veggies with your own two hands. Discover tasty heirloom tomatoes that hide behind their green leaves or let our zucchini seduce you to bring them home with you. No idea how to do this? Not to worry, we can show you how to select the best products and how to harvest them.

Delivery at home:
Click on our product list below to see what’s in season right now. You can place your order twice a week replying to a What’sApp message that we send you.
Please register here. Send a What’sApp to (+39) 346 010 1787.

Harvest with your own hands
Our vegetable garden is open for harvest between 8 and 10 am where you can harvest together with our staff. You can also pick up one of our many other products, like hot sauce or jams if you like. Please give us heads-up with a What’sApp (+39) 346 010 1787.
A 20% discount applies to fruits and vegetables you harvest yourself.