Peperoncina hot sauce

Spicy sweet and sour condiment for meats and cheeses

About Peperoncina
Peperoncina is a hot sauce based on an ancient family recipe and has always been the favourite chilli sauce on our family table. The different ingredients blend together into a rich and complex flavour with mildly spicy overtones which combine beautifully with the sweet and sour flavours. This versatile hot sauce is perfect to adorn almost any meal.

To further perfect the family recipe we selected four varieties of chilli peppers from mild to very hot. Every pepper adds his own taste to the mix . the Bishops’s Crown however, stands out because of its exquisite fruity aroma and its beautiful shape that reminds us of a bishop’s hat.

Eat peperoncina with grilled, boiled or roasted meats, hamburgers, wurstel, sausages, cheeses, rice, rice salad and tortillas.

Jar of 40 grams – € 3,00
Jar of 100 grams – € 6,00
Jar of 200 grams – € 10,00
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