About us

Organic farm Il Poggio Brico est. 2010 is situated on one of the many Umbrian hills in the heart of the national park of the river Tiber valley. The seven hectares of pristine farmland used to be the families’ summer residence. The land had not been cultivated for 30 years and was therefor in a beautiful natural equilibrium perfect for organic farming.

As heirs and new owners we, Silvia Mocci and Valerio Andrei, have taken this natural equilibrium as the starting point of our farming principles. In order to keep the natural balance we’re applying simple and effective techniques of organic farming and working with the seasons without the use of hot houses. Also we’re growing plants and trees that are native to this area and its climate.

Our choices have resulted in the cultivation of special heirloom crops that are difficult to find in regular stores and markets. We are proudly raising old varieties from our own seeds that are rustic enough to grow without treatments that are detrimental to our environment. One of our most important crops is farro monococco, or spelt a hulled wheat like spelt that was already cultivated over 10.000 years ago. Farro Monococco has been a native crop in Umbria since antiquity, is very rich in nutrients and contains less gluten.

Poggio Brico nowadays consists of an orchard with nut trees of 4 ha, 5.000 square metres of vegetable garden with various crops, 1 ha of sowing land and fruit trees. We raise our crops, fruits, nuts and legumes for direct sale and as a base for our artisanal condiments for meats and cheeses and our home-brewn digestives like Nocino, made of organic nuts.

Our work has always been, and always will be to make high quality products that taste delicious. We follow the production process every single step of the way because it has always been our goal, our passion and our field of expertise to know and nurture our products from the moment we sow them as little seeds till the moment we put the lid on one of our condiments.

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