Organic Spelt

More Protein, Less Gluten.

One of our most important crops is farro monococco, or organic spelt, the first cereal to be cultivated by man. This ancient wheat that was discovered during the Neolithic more than 10.000 years ago. Today it still has unique characteristics that sets spelt apart from other grains and wheats:

contains superior proteins
contains more anti-oxidants and vitamin E
low saturated fat acids
less gluten and therefor easier to digest.

Its mild and delicious taste makes organic spelt a versatile grain that goes well with soups, salads and minestrones and all kinds of dishes that use grain or rice, like risotto. Because of the lower amount of gluten, spelt will not easily over cook, even at longer preparation times.

Combine organic spelt with all kinds of vegetables, cooked or raw, meats and fish, used dry or in soups.

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